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April 8, 2020
April 9, 2020



You look at the child standing in front of you – she’s twelve years old, independent, with her own group of friends and her life. She’s formed her own opinions on many things, some of which differ greatly from yours. She’s growing up….and you wonder how she got here!


It seems like only yesterday that you were welcoming her into the world; cradling the tiny bundle in your arms and feeling overcome with love. As you looked at that tiny, scrunched face, you visualized your life unfolding with this beautiful addition to your family…your child.  You had great plans on how you’d watch her explore life as she grew from this baby into a toddler, a small child and then a woman…experiencing this awesome creation of life that you are part of.


And ….as you look back now, much of it is sadly a blur. As your eyes rest upon the beautiful girl standing before you, you wonder where time has gone.  How did you miss so much of her growing up?


You, like so many others, got caught up in life! It becomes so busy that we lose focus, not only on our families but on ourselves as well.  In fact, we get so caught up that we go through each week as though we’re running a marathon…and our breaks to eat, sleep, shower, get dressed, etc., are like the runner who grabs a wet sponge to squeeze over his or her head… while we keep on running!


Our ‘busyness’ causes a lack of focus in every area of our lives – we sit in meetings, our thoughts wondering to the pile of work on our desk, we eat lunch, shovelling food down our throats so that we can get to our next appointment, we sit in traffic feeling clammy and drumming our fingers, worrying about being late and how to excuse our tardiness ….


This is what turns life into a blur!


SLOW DOWN! This doesn’t mean doing less, in fact, you’ll become more productive and efficient.  You’ll also make fewer mistakes and enjoy special moments far more than you did before.


All it takes is a pause, a breath and a decision to focus on the space you’re in….then give that moment your best shot…making sure that all your attention is on taking the most effective action for that segment of your life.


Become more mindful of every second and change your life experience. You’ll get more work done, you’ll be better organised, and you’ll be present-minded when your child goes through the milestones…so you’ll be experiencing them with him or her, instead of choosing to be a distracted observer.


Of course, this applies to all your relationships, as well as every other segment of your life that you find yourself in. The great thing is that your life will slow down but your level of outputs will increase….


Try it, it definitely works!

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