Twenty-four years of experience in this field enable us to offer coaching of a high standard, that produces above average, sustainable results.

Coaching is customised to specific requirements. We offer:

- Management Coaching

- Personal Development Coaching

- Business Life Skills Coaching

- Life Coaching




Spiral to Success

Spiral to Excellence

Spiral To Brilliance

These programmes direct individuals into a spiral of constant review and analysis in order to continuously strive for excellence. They become self-driven in their motivation to achieve increasingly improved results.
By overcoming current obstacles related to ineffective attitudes, behaviours and lack of awareness, delegates become more focused, with increased self-confidence and higher levels of responsibility and accountability. Enhances EQ SQ and BQ

Steps to Success

This is a foundation programme to management/leadership, which enables individuals to access untapped potential to increase levels of accountability, responsibility and ownership. Through improved self-awareness and increased BQ individuals proactively take steps to develop improved synergy by managing teams effectively and supporting progressive development towards enhanced performance and productivity.

Head to Success

A comprehensive leadership programme that enables delegates to utilise successful methods of management to motivate, enable and support staff performance towards higher levels of excellence.

Power to Excel

This programme bridges the gap between a study environment and a business environment, enabling learners/newcomers to business, to build self-confidence and conduct themselves effectively within all areas of business.
Enhanced BQ (Business Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient) and increased levels of self-management, combined with greater proactivity, improved communication skills and increased levels of positive assertiveness enable individuals to implement a new, more effective business behavioural style.


By attending this programme Business Quotient (BQ) is heightened, with improved awareness of the fundamentals of business operations and the identification of individual roles and responsibilities, in contributing to the achievement of organisational goals.
This programme enhances individual ability to maintain professional conduct and motivates individuals to focus on means to ensure their valuable contribution to your organisation, thereby increasing overall BQ.


This programme assists individuals to increase levels of self-confidence and self-awareness. Delegates become driven to drive the process of their daily lives, both personally and professionally.
Enhanced EQ, SQ and BQ enable delegates to manage areas of their lives that have been neglected (such as personal budgeting, health management, career management), as well as to handle interactions maturely and approach challenges pro-actively.

‘These programmes will give you an extra boost in achieving your professional and personal goals !

Veda D